“Get it wrong, and ‘remote’ workingcan make people feel exactly that: isolated, lonely and uninspired.

We developed Campus to bring home the joy of working together.”

Marc Lewis, SCA Dean

As it became increasingly obvious that the pandemic was going to change the way businesses operate, not just temporarily, but possibly forever, Marc was determined to find a way to make sure that SCA students could continue to learn in a healthy, productive, nurturing environment.

The result was Campus – a completely fresh take on the ‘virtual office’ that not only supports collaboration and drives innovation, but also addresses mental health and well-being issues by allowing people to feel connected and relaxed in a familiar, shared environment.

It works brilliantly for SCA.

And now it can work brilliantly for your business, too.

A fully customisable template means that you can stamp your unique identity on your Campus workplace from the reception to the boardroom – and your staff can personalise their workspaces too, creating a place where everyone can happily work, learn and play.

Find out more about how Campus can help you create a thriving, cost-effective, office community.

Retain the unique culture of your company.

Schedule meetings in the boardroom, not a bedroom.

Collaborate with clients, customers and colleagues without the faff of call ID’s.

Help staff stay healthy by putting social interaction back on the agenda.

Make cross-team collaboration as simple as knocking on a door.

Create personalised spaces that make people look forward to popping into the office.

“It isn’t simply connecting with people, it’s about how you create that feeling of belonging”

Daniele Fiandaca, Utopia

Remote working was already a rising trend before the pandemic. Almost half of UK employees are now working from home, and 40% or more will continue to do so. Which means virtual working will be very much part of the ‘new normal’. The trouble is, platforms like Zoom, Teams and Hangouts make it hard to build and sustain a culture and will make recruitment and retention more difficult in the future. Which is where Campus comes in.

Campus lets you create a fully branded virtual office – complete with meeting rooms, breakout rooms and private office spaces that reinforce and support your culture.

Campus supports collaboration and encourages productivity, while replicating all the things that make working in an office fun. Things like coffee breaks, water cooler moments and just generally hanging out and shooting the breeze. (You know. All the important stuff.)

Campus helps you address concerns over mental health and well-being, allowing leaders to manage not just the workflow, but the emotional needs of their teams.

Campus is completely customisable. We’ll work with you to create your perfect environment, with all your essential web apps pre-populated inside your workplace.

Campus is evolving. As a Campus resident your feedback will give us the opportunity to make sure we’re always ahead of the curve, giving you all the tools you need to respond to the changing work environment.

Campus is cost-effective. Operating on a PAYG model, you can increase (or reduce) the size of your office ant any time. And at just £25 for each office occupied in a custom office, it’s probably less than you currently spend on expensive coffees and refreshments.

Contact us today. The sooner you build your virtual office, the sooner you can start building morale (not to mention new business)…

“In a world that suddenly opened up to remote working, Campus saves some of the most important things that got lost”

Current Campus Resident